Student/Teacher/Community Designed Projects

The purpose is to provide opportunities to pursue experiences rarely offered in a traditional school community.

Personal Passion Projects: Students can create their own learning through these opportunities. With guidance from a Mosaic Advisor, students design their own essential questions, create an individual project plan and identify content curriculum, identify an appropriate audience, and decide on the best method to demonstrate their learning. academic advisors will also try and assist students in finding an expert mentor outside Mosaic.

Teacher Designed Learning Experiences (Teacher Created Projects): Often students are seeking to learn more about their world, looking for direction, seeking inspiration. In this case, students may choose to work within a teacher designed project. Here, teachers create the projects guidelines and curriculum and invite students to find interesting experiences within those confines.

Community Based Legacy Projects: These projects are becoming a major focus in Mosaic. Our goal is for students and teachers to create sustainable opportunities to serve our communities outside the classroom walls. All students can be and should be powerful and positive leaders in these communities, and these projects may offer them avenues to explore their community participation.

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Infantry Studios - Blake C.

Student Designed Learning Experience

Blake is perfecting his passion for film through transforming it into a business on YouTube. He uploads fun, daily content called vlogs to the channel as well as short films revolving around adventure, travel and a wide variety of ideas every Saturday. Check it out!

Infantry Studios

Blake C. Portfolio



Teacher Designed Learning Experience

Every Tuesday and Thursday during CV advisement (9:10-9:40am) we meet in the seminar space to do some yoga. The classes mix between strength, flexibility, and balance. All skill levels welcome. We have mats available but bring your own if you have one. Students are encouraged to put together a flow and share it with the class. See Kayla Lang (Chloupek) for more details about equipment, skill level, and credit awarded.

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Enter Infinity - Ben H., Merrick M., Cole H., Charlie R., and William B.

Student Designed Learning Experience

Enter Infinity is a web-comic series based in an Alternate timeline starting in 1100 AD when Gunpowder is not invented in Ancient China. It will be a story spanning across thousands of years of time, and will be part anthology while still being part of a larger story. It will also be presented over short stories that are actually written, not in comic form. We are also planning on a live-action partner to the series based on early-era Earth. The project is being run by Incendium Studios.


Mosaic EDU

Teacher Designed Learning Experience

Mosaic EDU is a teacher education program modeled after Metropolitan State University's program; however, instead of taking two years, students will move through the program in one semester. Throughout this semester students will create and run their own BOLT, their own mini-project, and finally their own guided inquiry - all while solidifying their own pedagogy through readings, discussions, mentor guidance, and observations of other teachers in the building and out.   Prospective teachers who complete Mosaic EDU will leave the program vastly more prepared to begin a collegiate program.