Primary Decisions Episode 1 Segment 1

In "Primary Decisions," students are asked to research important issues in order to be more informed but also to debate.  Kirstyn and Zane do battle over abortion.  It should be noted that these students did not know which side they would be on, so they may or may not be advocating for their own ideals.

MPN Update Episode 2

In this episode, Dr. James Calhoun discusses his past as a teacher, how that influenced his current pedagogy, and the speaker series; special guest Will Richardson explains his view of the current education system (pretty HUGE get for us); and Ben and Emma detail their thoughts on their "End of Days" project.

L.E.M.L. - Kayla and Joel: "Kiss the Rings"

In this episode, we have Kayla Chloupek and Joel Justice on yo talk about past fantasy performances, current teams, and projections. We also discuss Shaun's unquestionable fantasy track record--kiss the rings.

MPN Update Episode 1

In our inaugural episode we discuss special events like the next family university and parent teacher conferences; general updates like the machines, book clubs, R&D, and TDLEs; and we discuss specific TDLEs.  Special guests include Sierra Hintze, Parker Muck, Catalin Varela, Noah Smith, and Blake Curry.

L.E.M.L - Episode 1

Our first episode, in which we discuss the league itself, the upcoming podcast, what our teams look like, and some players we like.