Frequently Asked Questions:

Provided by our Mosaic Advocacy Group (Our Parent Organization)

Q: Will students earn the credits required to graduate and get an official transcript?

Yes, Mosaic students must earn the district standard of 24 credits to graduate. Mosaic students have a transcript provided to them by the school, but Mosaic students also maintain a work portfolio which demonstrates their learning. Parents may view their student’s transcript and portfolio at any time. While students don’t receive letter grades, teachers document your learning and grant credits accordingly.

Q: What does college entrance look like?

Non-traditional college entrance is a multi-layer process that takes into account the student as a whole...not simply their GPA and SAT scores. Many colleges provide an interview opportunity where students have the ability to share their portfolio of work done over the years. They’re looking for students who are engaged, active, and have a lot of different experiences (which can be found in their portfolios). 

Q: No classes? What exactly will students do all day?

Mosaic students spend their days utilizing time management to juggle multiple projects and commitments. Part of the day may be spent doing background research on the students next project (the sky’s the limit here), or working in our Maker Space and with our 3D printer constructing a prototype of some sort. Students might meet in small groups with other students learning about statistical probability through gaming. The best part is that students get to design their schedule for the day/term/semester around their interests and their learning needs. 

Q: Does that mean students can just slack off? How are students held accountable? 

Students are constantly meeting with teachers to be sure they are on the right track. Ultimately, Mosaic teachers are a guiding hand while students invent their education. Teachers play an active role in accountability. 

Q: tests!? How do I know how my student is doing? 

Our Demonstration of Learning night is one of many ways in which students share their learning with each other, parents, teachers and the broader community. Students are always excited for these nights where you might see science fair style projects, engage in lively group discussions about interesting and sometimes controversial topics, or watch videos on what the students have been learning! Additionally, through an open line of communication with teachers, parents can understand how students are progressing towards graduation. Students regularly communicate with their advisors and peers so everyone is on the same page. 

Q: How do students come up with projects if they don’t know what they are passionate about?

Student-teacher relationships are important to us! Teachers are there to help students explore, try new ideas and find the things that “click” to make learning meaningful and tangible. 

Q: Is my student going to get a “normal” high school experience? 

If by that you mean, sitting in a class with 30 other students, listening to a teacher lecture, taking test after test, and then coming home with hours of teacher prescribed homework, no they are not. But if you're talking about pep rallies, football games, and school dances, yes! We also encourage students to take classes outside of Mosaic to enrich their learning experience even further.