Family University

An interactive program in which students, parents, teachers, and community members learn together. 

Family University is a great way to become involved in Mosaic.  These are evenings are designed to check-in with Mosaic, contribute feedback, and have fun with the family.  Check the calendar to find out about the next event.

Parent Teacher Conferences

February 9th, 2017

Although not a Family University, Mosaic staff will be available to meet for individual conferences with families and students from 4 to 8pm in our Mosaic space (Rooms 8850-8700).  Sign up in open until February 9th at noon. Sign up link:

Family University 4

January 18th, 2017

For this Family University, we focused on our practices - Contribution, Communication, Investigation, Regulation, and Reflection. In order to build a common language, we needed to collectively examine what the practices are and why they are important. We split into smaller groups to discuss each practice. In these small discussions, participants received helpful questions to ask your students, ways to find evidence of the practices in student work, and how to get involved in their child's learning. The two handouts are linked below as PDFs. 

Mosaic Pedagogy (Founding Principles & Practices) Handout

Mosaic Practices Take Home Information Handout

Family University 3

We hosted another round of conferences. Each teacher had time slots available from 5:30 to 7pm to meet with families. Attendance was not required - rather this was another chance to check in if you (parents), or we as teachers, felt it was necessary.

Family University 2 & Parent Teacher Conferences @ CV:

CVHS Conferences run from 4-8pm on September 15th. In Mosaic, we will set aside time to meet with individual families as needed from 4-6pm. Then from 6:30-8pm we will be hosting our 2nd Family University. This night is focused on how students are finding their passions, student portfolios, and creating a Mosaic ABC (Academic Booster Club) of sorts. 

Family University 1 & Back to School Night @ CV:

Discussing Mosaic 2.0: Bolts, Inquiry Blocks, Projects. The later part of the night will be aimed towards meeting the collective.