Weekly Rap #3

I’m glad we have a little 3-day weekend - Mosaic deserves it! The place is buzzing with inquiry and activity as students and teachers settle into new routines. IBs, BOLTs, and even Passion Projects are hitting their strides. Our first session of BOLTs has started many conversations: writing, experiments, numbers, design, mysteries, and more … it’s always interesting to walk from one end of our space to another and eavesdrop on student-student, student-teacher, and teacher-teacher conversations. It’s all such an eclectic mix of curiosity, research, storytelling, and questioning - an mosaic of thinking I suppose! :)

Please enjoy this week’s teacher reflections…  - Ryan

Mr. Joel Justice:

This week I feel honored because of how many people made me feel special and with the effort students and athletes are putting forth - they are getting better.

Mrs. Kayla Lang:

The week was exhausting. I met with so many individuals this week discussing inquiry block questions, BOLT work, and individual projects the students want to start (check out the Smith brothers idea - way cool). Mosaic really seemed to rev up and it felt like I didn’t have time to even sit down. I also caught the cold thats been passed around so that definitely contributed with the exhaustion.

Mr. Shaun Martin:

This week was otoacoustic(y).  There was a Bristol-Hum-like vibration that rang through the space and permeated my bones.  Always something to document, always someone to guide, always something to prepare, always….something.  I appreciate the hum, its motivating, but its a kind of anxious motivation right now.  The “I need to keep doing” is much like “fight or flight”…just a bit more productive.

Mr. Michael Schneider:

This week was exciting. All of my advisees finalized their inquiry plans and are able to communicate what they hope to learn.  The writers in my BOLT consistently share brilliant nuggets of their daily prose.