Weekly Rap #5

Please enjoy this week’s reflections.  - Ryan

Mr. Joel Justice:

This week was rigorous because there were a lot of tough conversations happening in the school. Math was working on what does grading do for a learning environment. Academy meeting was looking at the frontiers of how might we be working towards... In Mosaic I was trying to provide students with opportunities to reflect on their learning and making it more purposeful.

Mrs. Kayla Lang:

This week I had to really step back and not get in kids way. They were finishing up the analysis for their labs (Back to the Future BOLT) and you could see the stress on their faces as they reached the Friday deadline. I know that deadlines are important and they know the expectations but I hated seeing them stress out over it. I had to walk away several times this week and trust in them that they would get it done and that they would ask for help if they needed it.

Mr. Shaun Martin:

Super emotional.  Not sure if Monday-Wednesday counts, but the meeting with the parents of one of our newer students messed me up in the best way.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen someone use the school structure for such intense personal introspection….not sure I’ve ever seen someone spend so much time looking inward YET seeking to find themselves in others…not sure I’ve seen someone do Mosaic like this.  I am sure I've never felt more protective over a student and that I will do whatever it takes to shield her from anything threatening her search for herself.

Mr. Michael Schneider:

Powerfully reflective.  Students, staff and parents spent such quality time thinking, sharing and reflecting this week. Hoping  this leads to a sustainable pattern in Mosaic.