Weekly Rap #4

It was a short week due to Labor Day. I noticed pockets and groups of intense conversation and learning, but I couldn't quite get the pulse of the space. Maybe we're due for some sort of whole-group shareout or presentations ... or another round or two of our advisement House Cup. I know that CV Showdown is gearing up, but that seems to be fizzling a bit this year so we should go with what we know works within Mosaic.

Please enjoy this week’s reflections…  - Ryan

Mr. Joel Justice: 

This week was long even though it was actually a short week because of two matches this week in tennis and a tennis tournament later in the week. I had great conversations in my professional learning communities this week both in content and academy.

Mrs. Amanda Kerr:

This week was underwhelming as my BOLT kids are not going very deep with the questioning or even responding quickly enough to volley a conversation.

Mrs. Kayla Lang:

This week was gnarly. My "Back to the Future" BOLT group started designing investigations this week and it turned crazy quick. As a content expert, I was excited to hear their ideas, but struggled to help them turn their ideas into tangible and testable investigations. Each student had a separate idea and most were social experiments (and social experiments are hard to conduct in general... add in the fact that students are unfamiliar with that type of experimental structure... yikes!). I spent an extraordinary amount of time working with each student. Pushing their thinking, expanding their ideas, analyzing the variables and possible sources of error... hours of really good - like seriously good - thinking, but man - it was gnarly!

Mr. Michael Schneider:

This week was difficult because I'm trying to separate personal difficulties with my professional responsibilities. However, my advisement students are preparing to share their updates on their inquiry blocks and portfolios. Outside of a few students, their progress and willingness to share brightens my days.