Weekly Rap #2

Mosaic was a happening place this week! We had our first IB presentations and the asking of questions for IB #2 as well as the launch of our first BOLT session and the selection of Showdown events. All in all, it was a crazy and fun week.

Enjoy the teacher reflections...  -Ryan

Mr. Joel Justice: 

This week was inconsistent because everyday had another thing to do and having different conversations can have that feeling of not having consistency.

Mrs. Amanda Kerr:

This week was busy and loud because the MakerSpace was packed and bustling.

Mrs. Kayla Lang:

This week was entertaining because of the IB presentations and the second round of questioning. The kids come up with such intriguing questions that I wouldn't think of asking.

Mr. Michael Schneider:

This week was rewarding because I conferenced with so many of my advisees after their presentations. It gives me a much better sense how to help each of them craft better inquiries that match their interests.