Think about Thinking

"Think about Thinking." This phrase is always funny to me because of the complexity but simplicity. 

I have found myself the last few days, thinking about my thinking, and it has spurred me to start collecting my thoughts. 

I went back and read the recent blogs on and teachers have said how we should be redefining who we are and trying to model learning with students. This made me think about how true this is for all of us in the space. Here are a few examples:

  • Natalie Tunick is going to MEMA to learn with Ryan McClintock and students. 
  • Shaun Martin has been working on putting together episodes for Mosaic (First one came out and is amazing! Here is the link). 
  • I have put together some opportunities for students to learn probability through March Madness and Michael Schneider has helped create excitement through his active participation as a math learner. 

My point is that if we truly hope to help students become better learners, we have to take away our roles of "Content Experts" and follow our passions like the students and be curious. 

How might we get students to see these or participate more in what is going on in this amazing space? 

- Joel Justice