Getting Down to Business

Several weeks ago Michael Schneider posted about Tate, Hayden and Covert experimenting with spray paint art. Their dedication and passion for this art form caused me to push them further to see if they could turn it into a business for themselves. Their work has improved with each experiment and now Mosaic is sponsoring their first snowboard blank to paint. Brendan Hanson has joined their efforts and once this first board sells and they get a taste of success, we will begin working with them on business marketing, plan, budgeting etc. All the things that make up starting and running a small business.

10 teams pitched their ideas for a food truck this week to a panel made up of Rex Corr, Jim Calhoun, Scott Gaerte of Lost Coffee and Scott Dowis, CV’s DECA sponsor. Each team was expected to provide a name, logo, sample menu and appliance list - with only a week to prepare. The pitches were each very solid and their excitement from the kids for the project was obvious. Next, we will determine teams to move forward with the hopes we gain sponsors and can start re-fitting our box truck over the summer for an August opening.

Just yesterday sisters Megan and Nicole came to me wanting to start a small business making and selling polo wraps, These are used to keep the lower part of a horse’s leg to provide protection and support. They are working on their mission statement so they can use that to drive their logo and name development.

Catalin continues to wow us with her on-going Magazine, The Smile in You. Pretty soon her magazine will all be online and she can gain sponsors while selling subscriptions. On April 4th she presented to the Young Entrepreneurs Academy as an alumni on her experience with them last year.

Given we have a community driven by independent business ownership and an entrepreneurial spirit, it comes as no surprise that our students are so active in creating their own path.

Entrepreneurial behavior = the Mosaic way.

- Amanda Kerr