I’ve been on a roll painting these last few weeks. Landscapes mostly, though I am planning on a few portraits of my three maniacs. I had inspiration and time to paint Superbowl Sunday, these 2 ingredients so rarely coincide that I had to take advantage. But I lacked canvas or watercolor paper. What I had in abundance is Girl Scout cookie cases. Having recently been to the Andrew and Jamie Wyeth exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, I recalled that Jamie Wyeth’s most recent work, Inferno,  is a very large mixed-media piece on cardboard.

I figured if it’s good enough for the Wyeths and the D.A.M, then it’s most certainly good enough for me. I painted in acrylic, a small work on the inside of a Samoas case the completed work is only 7”x16”. It turned out to be my best work in many years. I decided I liked the torn edges and the texture of the work so I decided to mount it, rather than mat and frame off the tears. It has become #1 in my cardboard series.

Since completing these, I’ve played with gouache for the first time since high school, I have some oils I want to play with and I have in mind some larger scale works that I plan to do on the box my replacement heat element for my dryer was shipped in.

What does this have to do with Mosaic? As a staff we recently came up with a draft of a list of what see as tangibles in a Mosaic adult, one of those things was the modeling of learning and doing. The other is to re-brand ourselves not as teacher but by our passions. I decided, off the cuff, that I was a “Facilitator of Doing”. So here I am, transparently modeling my doing- making and experimenting. What are you doing?

- Amanda Kerr