Mirror Mirror

The last couple days while other classes are having finals, in Mosaic, we have a process that is getting students to be more self-reflective. 

I saw that students started to be more honest with themselves and more critical of their work. 

Their self-assessments are not something you see in a traditional classroom -  "What have I learned this last term?" "What grade do you believe you have earned?"

Our reflection has a bigger goal. We have students read the descriptors of what makes a good learner: our Mosaic Practices. "Reflection on Learning, Community Awareness, and Producing Real Work," are just a few examples of our thirty attributes. We are having the students go through this reflection every nine weeks to help them keep focus on what we in Mosaic value. 

Without time to think or reflect from past experiences, learning opportunities and celebrations can be missed. What did I actually learn? What could I change for the next time? How did my partner help me overcome my challenges? What did I do well? 

How do we make sure we are reflecting more?

- Joel Justice