Healthy Decisions

Excitement can start from anywhere-and for one student it was through food. Alexa was curious about what she eats on a regular basis turned into how she might track what she is eating. She found that the websites that she was using, deleted her previous days’ info which caused some frustration. We had a conversation about why she wanted to track her food and she just wanted to see if she could eat healthier. This led Alexa to start thinking about how she might create her own system for tracking food that would be more beneficial for her and then turned into how she might provide this for other people who are interested in tracking their food. She created a bunch of questions that she was going to ask her potential clients about what they care about to make it more than just her own food tracking. Due to not knowing a lot about how the body works or why do we need to eat, she starting asking some science questions to get a better understanding about what she is working with. Her next steps are to learn more about body and because of this drive of passion she has had a spark and interest through science and she sees the math potential of collecting data to help drive her app. This inspires me as a teacher to know that if students drive with passion they see value in learning and learn what really matters for that product.


- Joel Justice