Can't Argue Over This

Being on the transformative edge of education, many partners have influenced our program and our students. Anastasis Academy is one of those partnerships we appreciate most. 

I took a few students from Mosaic to Anastasis to visit and work with them. The day we visited, they were having a debate about euthanasia.

A week later, Branigan and Bryce came to me saying, "how cool it would be if we could do something similar to Anastasis debate." They mentioned not having it teacher driven. I jumped for joy with the excitement about a student driven learning experience where the voice of this was from students for students. "Invent Your Education" is the slogan that we have been working towards, and this is a great opportunity. 

This debate group consists of six students who were willing to be the core team of debaters. A vision Branigan and Bryce have for other students is for them to join with a topic they find interesting and participate in that week's topic. 

This journey for Branigan and Bryce has been full of learning. 

  • They put together two debates on different subjects. Their reflection has been great to watch. They advocated for themselves in their growth by talking to teachers who have been present at the debates and have taken their own notes. 
  • They set up appointments to discuss the debates and give feedback to the other students. 
  • They voiced that students should be reflecting over the weekend to present on Monday. 
  • They shared the Mosaic Practices they believe work for this project to the other students and will be having individual conversations about selecting a few of those practices to focus on

The cool part of learning with this opportunity is that the gentlemen do not see anything they have done as mistakes, but more as a way to improve for the next time. They reiterate to improve and re-evaluate after each step. It reminds me of Austin's Butterfly.

- Joel Justice