Weekly Rap #10

There were two major events this week: the announcement of CV scheduling changes for next year to meet some budgetary constraints and 8th Grade Night. The announcement of scheduling changes (or constraints) came on the heels of a month's worth of gathering input from "stakeholders" ... I, like others, was experiencing a form of fatigue due to over-processing the issue. I'm glad a decision was made and communicated. Regarding 8th Grade Night, I continue to have reservations about the purpose of the evening, but, when it's all said and done, I do enjoy gathering with my colleagues and students to do our best to explain Mosaic to prospective families. This year we had around ten students volunteer to help us do this - they did wonderful jobs of assertively communicating their experiences to families. It was so nice to witness this - we have some wonderful students in Mosaic. :)

Please enjoy this week's reflections. - Ryan

Joel Justice

My week was good. It has been good to see such progression with our game inquiry and seeing the students critical thinking has been fun. They are analyzing their games and modifying to improve them. Cannot wait to see what they bring next week. I am excited for today's origami BOLT to see how kids struggle making sense of folding patterns and not given instructions. I think we are on the right track and hope we can continue this progression.

Mrs. Amanda Kerr:

Fun, I have enjoyed having kids use the 3D printer for their games as well as all the hands-on learning.

Mrs. Kayla Lang:

The field trip to the hydroponics farm was fun but the best part of the week was seeing deeper reflection from our students. Our IB group pitched their design (asking for money) and they were rejected for various reasons. They took the feedback they received and requested a re-pitch. They got back together reflected on all the feedback and redesigned their approach. They actually kicked me out of the room so they could reflect as a group freely. It was pretty neat.