Weekly Rap #9

New BOLTs and Inquiry Blocks were rolling along this week. Game making, origami, mousetrap cars, and other activities were the norm as described by my colleagues. Please enjoy this week's reflections. - Ryan

Joel Justice

I cannot believe how quickly this week has gone and how we are almost done with this semester. I was thanked the other day by a parent for pushing a student towards doing more in Mosaic. I think the student has been more engaged in the space because of this push. As we are evolving I notice that our students are pretty welcoming to the idea of providing other experiences for them. I was inspired by walking into Mrs. Lang's BOLT this morning and seeing kids making cars move by using mousetraps. I am excited to hear students' game pitches during 3rd today. Overall, I am exhausted, but I like what we are doing.

Mrs. Amanda Kerr:

I was happy to have the MakerSpace used this week, even if I wasn't there for it. I have a few students asking for Maker Challenges and I was able to help a Humanities 2 class with some MakerEd and my very first screencast.

Mrs. Kayla Lang:

This week was jam packed. I started a BOLT and a guided inquiry block. We are rapid prototyping in both and it is exciting but it is not going as well as I thought it would. I'm struggling to understand how and why the students are thinking the way they are. (This will be the focus for next week.)

Mr. Shaun Martin:

Fast as all get out. Stoked on the amount of stuff I have to do, on the amount of kids that need me for something. I know it doesn't necessarily mean that's the case for the whole joint, but it feels that way.