Weekly Rap #8

What an emotional week! We elected a new president on Tuesday, which, regardless of how one voted, seemed to leave us all a bit exhausted come Wednesday.

Mosaic students and staff were busy this week working on IB presentations and sharing/defending their political manifestos. I’m sure some footage will find its way onto this website.

Students had Tuesday - Voting Day - off from school. It was one of those teacher staff development days. Mosaic teachers were busy planning for the next weeks and the next semester of this school year. I was running around a bit working with a few content groups helping them share their thinking with regard to proposed changes to our school’s schedule and such. Tuesday was a busy day for CV and for Mosaic!

Please enjoy this week’s reflections.  - Ryan

Mr. Joel Justice:

This week was inspiring that for a majority of our students they put effort into putting together demonstrations of their learning. I'm excited for Monday and ready to kick off another IB.

Mrs. Kayla Lang:

This week was productive. Having all day Tuesday to work together produced some ideas that I'm excited to try out.

Mr. Michael Schneider:

This week was super informative. Staff reached consensus on what truly drive student learning in Mosaic and our students completed and reflected in their demonstrations. This week left me anticipating greatness in the coming weeks.