Weekly Rap #7

Another round of IBs are wrapping up which means students will be sharing their processes and learning with each other and with their teachers. The political inquiry block promises student debates to effectively share their individual platforms. Other students will be sharing via talks and discussions, which they were busily practicing on Friday. Behind the scenes teachers spent time talking about the next round of IBs and changes in store for next semester.

Please enjoy this week's reflections  - Ryan

Mr. Joel Justice:

This week was rejuvenating because the students were really reflective after their practice presentations and working with kids on my BOLT they are creating cool end products. Reaching out to outside mentors who will help kids. Seeing old advisement students that will help us become closer with working in cooperative environments.

Mr. Shaun Martin:

Emotional. Lost my cool on a group, lost Emma. Odd.

Mr. Michael Schneider:

Informative because we are learning from our students about what they need based on the information they provide through their actions.