Weekly Rap #6

With Fall Break over it was time to begin another session of BOLTs and Inquiry Blocks. Mr. Martin and Mr. Schneider are facilitating a guided inquiry block on the upcoming election and America's political parties for students who need more scaffolding and immediate feedback. Mrs. Lang and Mr. Justice have organized some time to help students purposefully think about how they present and share their inquiry work - that is, considering their audiences and the art of presenting.

Please enjoy this week’s reflections.  - Ryan

Mr. Joel Justice:

This week was enjoyably frustrating, because we have had to think about how the new inquiry block would start. It is enjoyable because I think we have worked on giving students a little more structure to their inquiries.

Mrs. Amanda Kerr:

This week was fun listening to the kids talk about their new projects and inquiries.

Mrs. Kayla Lang:

This week was disorganized. Giving timely and specific feedback to kids was difficult this week due to different student deadlines.

Mr. Shaun Martin:

I felt encouraged. After a long while not quite knowing where kids were, feel like I now know where a chunk is (regarding asking questions and junk). Seems like for some we are pushing in the right direction....and talking about radical political theory is rad.

Mr. Michael Schneider:

This week was enlightening. The students actively doing shined this week. Whether through pursuing an interest and passion or through choosing guidance from a mentor, their progress was visible. The energy palpable and appreciated.