We are rolling out our "Teacher Designed Learning Experiences". These are teacher created projects that vary in content and focus. Some examples are:

1.) Global Student Leadership Summit: In this project, learners will explore creating travel experiences to fit the theme Exploring Human Rights. Through the process, they will learn about a region’s geographical and historical connection to accepting and maintaining human rights. Students will make itineraries, budgets, and create language acquisition goals, and ultimately communicate their  “pitch”. How can you create conditions for peace through mutual respect and understanding via travel in a group tour?

2.) Mad Week: In many parts of the world, an excellent education is not guaranteed. As a matter of fact, in much of Africa, a basic education may be an extremely difficult proposition. Many years ago, a local couple identified a specific need for educational and life assistance in Zimbabwe. To help, they created the Nyamashato Secondary School and Feeding Center. While this 501c3 has done much to better the lives of the local youth, many of whom are the head of household as young as 12 years old, the school is in need of some key components in order to improve the potential futures of these young students. Specifically, the school is looking to solve two major issues: inadequate and unreliable internet service, and creating and supplying a sustainable science laboratory.

3.) End of Days: In this project, learners will explore apocalyptic literature and current biological, chemical and environmental dangers to human, animals and the planet by publishing a collection of short stories. Through this process, they will learn about how diseases and chemicals affect the human body and explore Earth’s ecosystems, and develop a deep understanding of storytelling and effective writing, publishing and marketing of fiction.

Etc.! Ask you students which ones they are working towards!