Being a life long learner is more than academics and progress toward credit. Its also the acquisition of skills and experiences that help you understand how the world works or could work. Its a chance for you to play with a purpose to further your discovery of your interests and even your passions.

The Mosaic Badge Program is 3 tiered:

  • Apprentice Badges are earned through the completion of a single project. Each "Stuff" heading has a large menu of choices for you to pick from and to explore. Complete one of the menu and you are an apprentice.
  • Journeyman Badges are earned through the completion of at least 3 projects under the individual heading, i.e. Weaver or Botanist.
  • Master Badges are earned through the completion of all the menu items under the individual heading, including the co-creation of projects with an area expert.

The full completion of Badge work includes a blog or an online portfolio that includes both progress and process photos, videos and reflections. You will then be evaluated by an expert to determine completion of badge work. If you complete, you will be sent the Badge icon for you to proudly display on your blog or website and your name will go on the wall in the maker space under the appropriate badge assignation. Experts will evaluate your reflections, maker space safety and level of responsible behavior as well as your final product on craftsmanship and skill. Be sure to seek feedback often for optimal success.

How to Get Started:
Review the vast menu of possible badges and projects. Love one, pick one. Figure out which teacher might be the best mentor for you to work with on earning the badge. Make an appointment with them via the google calendar. Be sure to put what the appointment is about in the description of the event. Invite friends to join you, after-all discovery is often more fun with a buddy.